How To Raise Daughters

All children are gifts in their own right, but I believe a daughter holds a special place in a mother’s heart. This is a mini version of you who you can dress up in matching clothes and hairstyles with, show off to anyone who gives you a minute of your time and whom you can pass down to all the wisdom you have gathered over the years.

I’m not a mother yet, but I’ve been a daughter all my life and this is what I’ve learned:
1) ¬†Cultivate a free and open relationship with your daughter while she’s still young. Don’t create a situation where she can only talk to you about her periods or that you always have to seek her out for a serious talk. Your daughter should be able to talk to you about anything without fear of repercussions.
Which brings me to…
2) Anything your daughter tells you in confidence should never come up later in normal conversation with other people around, even if you’re arguing. Your daughter needs to be able to trust you.
3) Soon your daughter will not want to wear the frilly dresses you bought her or take matchy matchy photos with you. Soon she’ll be too busy and cool, and you’ll no longer be her favourite hang out buddy. Your daughter is growing up. Let her.
4) She’s bound to make mistakes. Let her make them, to a point. Maybe you know what’s best for her, but she needs to find that out for herself.
5) Your daughter needs to know you’ll be there to catch her when she falls no matter what. Keep the I told you so’s to yourself.
6) You know your daughter,but she knows herself more. Don’t tell her what her limits are.
7) Be kind to your daughter. There are too many voices bringing her down. Let not yours be one of them.
8) You’ll have huge disagreements from time to time. It’s good not to let such things fester in the heart for too long. It hurts both of you. Be the bigger person. Let it go.
9) Your daughter came from you,but she is not you. Leave her be. Give her the space she needs to find herself.


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