Maybe they won’t all admit it to my face
but they can all see that I’m a square
trying to fit into the circle of life.
What’s the deal with “fitting in” ,anyway? I’d rather not.

They tell me I’m too colourful, too loud, too opinionated, just too much
does the truth hurt you? I ask them.

They tell me I’m hard
like that’s supposed to be an insult.
They tell me that I’m too picky
like it’s a bad thing.

They say I should lighten up
bleach my soul to match the color of my skin
well, I don’t know if that’s possible
but if you find the ones that blackened my soul
please ask them if they used a pencil.
Maybe then I might have a chance to erase it.

They tell me to smile more
the world has so much to offer people with crooked white teeth like me
but do they ever bother to see if the joy reflects in my eyes?


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