Speak, but don’t be louder than your husband.
Be quiet,but don’t let him turn you into a doormat.
Be docile, your husband is the head and you’re just the neck that holds him up.
Be strong outside, but be weak in front of your children. Let your husband be The Man.
Be truthful, but lie about the amount of money you have. Teach your children to be just like you. What your husband doesn’t know won’t kill him.
Be a giver, but only in church. Maybe that comes with double blessing.
Find a church that feeds your neuroses and delusions of grandeur, and force your husband and children to join the farce.
Be soft,men are wired to look for that and take care of it.
Be happy, after sacrificing your happiness.
Have children, but try to make them not bastards.
Have children, and never let them grow up. How dare they leave the nest!
Cook for him well, and your husband will never stray.
Be educated, but stay dumb. Men love that.
Have opinions, but keep them to yourself.
Go out there, and find a husband.


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