The Feels

Whoooooo. Whoooooo.
” Kamau, what if we are caught? ”
” Shhh,my love. They all sleep deeply, I assure you. Oh, how I’ve missed you! ”
Whoooooo. Whoooooo.
The sound pierces the once silent night. The lovers, absorbed as they are with each other, barely notice. It gives another pause, though, and has a shiver running down his spine. Another who should be speaking to the ancestors where they live on in dreams but is hidden behind the large oak tree watching them embrace. Another whose rage and jealousy is a living thing, threatening to consume him from the inside out. She is betrothed to him.
Whoooooo. Whoooooo.
He can barely make out the shadow of the bird among the trees. The sense of foreboding is strong. After all, everyone in the community knows that owls are a bad omen.
To imagine the prince, cavorting with a common maid! The king must hear this. He turns to leave.
Whoooooo. Whoooooo.
The snake is just a shadow on the ground, coiled at his feet. He sees it a moment too late.


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