inside out

Writing. Okay. I’ve got my words right, my stories straight… let’s do this.

Voice one ( let’s call her Shirley): Wait! We need our special pen. *others look at her strangely* C’mon, you guys. You know the one I’m talking about, the pink one.

Voice two ( we’ll call him Frank): Oh yeah,forgot about that. I thought we gave it to that lady at church. Did she give it back, I wonder….
*spends half an hour frantically looking through my things.*
*Aha! Found it*
Writing,here I come! ( silly happy Spongebob tune in my head).

Voice one, and three ( let’s call her Monique): WAIT!

Frank: What now?

Monique: We need a book. We need something to write on, obviously.

Shirley: What she said.

Voice four, from the back ( we’ll call him Andy): We need to help her find the perfect book. We can’t trust her with such big decisions. Remember the exercise book fiasco?

Monique: Flimsy pages tearing at the tinniest provocation, water damage…I can’t even. You’re right, we can’t let that happen again. We need a hard cover book with strong pages.

Voice five ( let’s call her Wendy): I’ve got it! Remember that pink book she got as a gift? It’s perfect. And pink. It’s fate.
* all the voices agree*
* goes to collect book*
I got my book, I got my pen, let’s write.

Voice six ( we’ll call her Audrey): WAIT!

Everyone else: WHAT?

Audrey: Why are we letting her write on paper? She’ll have to transfer the story on the internet at some point. Why don’t we tell her to write it on her phone and save it? That way, she won’t have to do it twice.

Shirley: I didn’t think of that. You’re right.
* others nod*
* goes to return the book and special pen to where they previously were.*
* takes phone, sits down in a comfortable position and stretches my fingers*
Gone Writing. Writing Tings. Me During Writing. ( these are prospective movie titles about my life at this moment in time).

Voice seven ( let’s call her Maddie): WAIT!

Everyone: WHAT???

Maddie: You guys, ebu listen to this jam. It’s sick, yo!

Shirley: Ooh,ooh.

Wendy: This.Is.My.Jam.

Frank: Normally I wouldn’t be bothered, but I like it.

Monique: Turn it up. All the way up.

Andy: So, are we dancing,or what?

Audrey: SWAY!

Writing. Tomorrow.


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