Short Story

“Last bus to Marlo!”

“Be careful with my luggage, you fool!”

“Peanuts, cigarettes, biscuits, condoms…. Whatever your pleasure, get it here.”

It was past midnight at the bus termini, the whole scene bathed by a silvery glow from the lit floodlights. Nandi was lucky to have found this dark corner to hide in and think of her next step. How could her father have done this to her? Sold her like some 21st century sex slave, all to keep him clinging on to power.

She’d barely escaped in time. Her ‘master’ had practically been at the gate by the time she’d roused herself enough to make her daring escape. As it was, she had only the clothes on her back and a substantial amount of money she had ‘liberated’ from her father’s cabinet. Even when he saved most of his money in the bank, from as long as she could remember her father had always kept some money in the house.

There was no going back for her. She no longer had a home. Her father was a monster. Who’d just sold her to another monster.

They were coming for her. How could they not? She could practically feel them breathing down her neck.


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