I should sleep.In fact,I need to sleep.I am tired and I have a long day tomorrow.Instead of counting sheep,I am here trying to reason with my brain.
I say:You need to shut up brain.Let me sleep.
Brain says:Aaaaaaaah…where is the fun in that?
I say:FUN?You call this fun?Every time I close my eyes,there you are with some random thought.Don’t you know it’s quitting time?C’mon,old friend,I need my beauty sleep.
Brain says:Beauty sleep?We are already beautiful.
I say:Well,yeah….My point is,I.NEED.TO.SLEEP.
Brain says:Okay,okay.No need to get testy.How about we sing a song?

We are now holding private talks.So far no chairs have been thrown,or a consensus reached.


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