Chapter three
Moving day. URGH!
He grunted as he hefted yet another heavy box up the stairs. This was the tenth or so trip that he had made great the sidewalk, up the stairs to his new apartment, dragging a box that seemed heavier than the previous one. Who knew that he had so much stuff? Certainly not him.

His shirt clung to his sweat-dripping back and he had long since gotten used to the discomfort in his jeans. He rued the day he’d told himself that this would be easy and refused the help of his best friend. Granted, he had only ever lived in one place all his life and he had no moving experience to work with. It had seemed easy enough in his mind.
Oh, if only he had known!
Even so he would gladly suffer the same agony rather than go back to where he came from.
Only one last box remaining. He trudged down the stairs wearily, thinking that for a house on the first floor there sure were many steps. But the apartment was in a very good location and it had been a stroke of luck, and perfect timing,that he had even been able to lease it.
A lot had changed for him over the last three years. He had become something of an overnight sensation when an article he had written exposing the rot in government offices had been published. It had been featured in all the news stations, rewritten in all the newspapers and he had even been called on some panels to speak about it. This had resulted in being offered a job by the largest newspaper in the region, which he had eagerly accepted. Since then, his main focus was human interest stories, adding his own twist to it. The readers loved it and his popularity was cemented. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined something like this happening.
As he opened the car door and bent down to retrieve the last box,the click click of a pair of heels on pavement caught his attention. They sounded somewhere to his left, near the entrance of the building, and the wearer seemed to be in a hurry. She was also murmuring to herself, quite angrily in fact. He craned his head over the hood of the car but only managed to see her back as she entered the building and the door shut behind her…. And what an enticing back it was, with her shoulder length hair, glittery silver top and minuscule red pair of shorts that showcased a spectacular backside. He didn’t know much about shoes but those fire engine red heels looked expensive, and were very flattering to her shapely calves and ankles. It was clear that unlike many other females he saw walking in town, she was used to them as she had not faltered a step on the uneven sidewalk.
Even after the door closed and she had long disappeared from view, he caught himself still staring. Intrigued by her, he wondered if she was his new neighbor or just someone visiting. Maybe she was a housewife with three children, although with that body he highly doubted it. He shrugged and resumed his task.
Whoever she was, he would make it his current life mission to see her face. If nothing else, to satisfy his curiosity. Besides,God knew that he needed some excitement in his life.
He hefted the heavy box onto his arms, opened the door and began the tiresome ascent up the stairs.

To Be Continued…


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