Nexus. Where all the cool people meet. Or least that what the caption claimed. Personally he was of the opinion that most of Nairobi had showed up tonight for a chance to enter the newest club around.They were charging five thousand shillings for admission ,excluding drinks. Excessive, yes, but judging from the throng of people waiting patiently for admission it was obviously not a concern for many. Besides, there were many celebrities present as a, with their sycophants in tow.

The thought of standing in line with that crowd was already giving him a headache. It always baffled him why anyone would choose to get out of the comfort and warmth of their houses, dress up in strange, ill-fitting clothes and go out in the cold night to see and be seen. Oh what he wouldn’t give for a chance to snuggle up with some hot cocoa on his bed right now!

He heard her laugh first. It was rich, velvety smooth and brought to mind thoughts of caramel chocolate and warm sheets. He had never heard a sound more beautiful and he found himself automatically scanning the crowd with his eyes to find out who it belonged to, even going as far as standing on tiptoe.

He didn’t see her at first. His line of sight was blocked by a group of twenty-something college kids who were being loud and obnoxious just to get attention. One of them moved slightly to the left and that’s when he saw her. He felt gobsmacked, she was stunning.

Her hair hung down to her shoulders, framing an oval shaped face. She had a light-skinned complexion, or as he’d heard it referred to recently,’rangi ya pesa’. He could see from the bright and glaring lights strewn all over the outside of the club that she had heavily made up her face. On any other person it would have looked garish and unappealing, but on her the bold applications of eye-shadow and mascara only served to highlight her beautiful doe eyes. The blush on her cheeks called attention to the mole on her left cheek, near her lips. Her full pouty lips, painted a fiery red, made him want to just kiss it all off.

Hold up, where did such a thought come from? He was not a man who was driven by his physical passions, and yet…. He found himself counting the steps he would have to take to walk up to her, sweep her off her feet, literally, and kiss the breath out of them both. Ten steps.

His feet started moving before his brain could catch up. He had only taken one step before Brian noticed he wasn’t beside him anymore and looked around.

“He-e-ey,where are you….” Well, well, well, what do we have here? Brian hid a smile when he saw where his friend was looking at with such rapt fascination. Wasn’t this interesting?

He had never seen that look before on his best friend’s face, not even with Jane. It was about time, too. Perhaps it was time to introduce his best friend to so other friends of his. He was generous with his affections,after all. Really, it was the least he could do.

“Hey,I see some pals of mine over there. Let’s go say hi.”

A few steps later, he was shocked to realize that they had stopped in front of Her. He now noticed that she was in a group of five ladies, all of them exceptionally beautiful.

Up close he could see that her eyes were a warm toasty brown. She wore a classic little black dress that molded to her spectacular hour glass figure. The dress was indecently short. So short in fact, that he was afraid that if she tripped and fell, she’d bare all. Then he found himself thinking of what she wore underneath it, if anything at all, and he almost wished for her to fall.

He didn’t even hear her name when she was introduced to him, his imagination was working overtime by then. What registered in his mind was that it had something to do with a flower.

Her hand in his felt right. If he was a fanciful person, he would have called the electricity that zinged up his arm from their first contact destiny. The fractional widening of her eyes and the way she seemed to look at him more intensely told him she had felt the same.


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