Dear Christians,
A lot has been said about homosexuality and other related topics. As I write this, I hesitate to add my voice but I feel like I have to.

For us who believe in God and follow the teachings of the Bible, we know it is a sin.However,as a fellow Christian, I have issue with the way we carry ourselves regarding this,the way we pretend to be better, holier than thou.

Are we not all human beings regardless of the different choices we make? What makes us think we are better humans, that it is only us who deserve basic human rights? We keep fighting a battle that isn’t ours,and for what? Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re fighting for.

I’ve heard many say this- homosexuality is unAfrican. That may be,but a lot of what we do now and how we do it isn’t African, in the strictest sense. Were we to go back to our roots, men would still be wearing loincloths and hunting and gathering. Women would be expected to plant and till and bear many children, especially boys. The man was king, even when he was wrong. There was no such thing as women’s lib, a man could do whatever he wanted in his house. Those are just the highlights.

If we were still being African, all those fancy titles behind our names would be a thing of the future.That all came with formal education. No doubt we would have gotten there eventually,but the coming of missionaries and colonisation sped up the process.

Isn’t it great for us Christians that missionaries came? They brought us the Bible. Imagine not knowing about God, Jesus and eternal life. We would be sining and not even know it. That is a scary thought.

Another argument I hear is that’God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’. It befuddles me how anyone with a modicum of intelligence could utter something so stupid. Who comes up with these things?

The argument is usually closely related to this other one- God commanded us to multiply and fill the earth. How can two men or two women fulfill that commandment? Let’s pause for a minute and try to make some sense of this. What, exactly, is this ‘filling the earth’ business? Does it mean having more children than you can comfortably support? Having one child, four children, a football team? How about the married heterosexual couples who choose to not have children? Or the ones who take contraception to stop having children. What about the ones who have a medical condition that make it impossible to have children? Will God punish them?

I saved the biggest argument for last. The Bible and what it says about homosexuality. We know the Bible doesn’t lie and we believe all that it says. However, no verse in the Bible stands alone.

While it is great for us to know the Bible,we should remember to read it as a whole, not in bits and pieces. When the Bible says that God hates homosexuality, it means that He hates the sin not the person. Why is it so difficult for us to make that distinction, if we claim to love God? How can others see the love of God through us if we are the perpetuators of hate and intolerance?

We go around, gay shaming and engaging in homophobic acts. We claim to be fulfilling scripture, doing what God would do. I believe that if God wanted to get rid of all sinners, every single human being in the world would disappear. The fact that we’re still here should tell us something. The sins that a person commits are between him and God. How dare we think that we can do God’s job!

We lie,we kill with our tongues, we covet,we judge, we sin every single day. We like to step on our high horse and judge and condemn, like we are better. The Bible clearly states that all sin are equal;none is greater.

We always like to say WWJD- What Would Jesus Do. Well, I know what He told us to do. He left us with just one commandment. LOVE. Love God and love your neighbor. We already do the first part, what about the second?

It is easy to hate what you can’t see or what doesn’t affect you. Just think for a moment, what if it was your brother, your sister,a cousin, a child, a parent,yourself…. What would you do?

Originally posted on Storymoja Festival blog.


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