As The Curtain Falls


We met just once in this lifetime.You laughed,embraced me and called me mum.You told me I was named after your mother.You made me feel special.

You were so nice to us,and not just because we were guests in your home.You seemed to derive your happiness from ours.There was so little kindness in my life,I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.You showed me that quality people still existed in this world.

I grew up hearing stories of your kindness to my mother.How you took in a young,unwanted girl and gave her a home.How you gave her a chance and told the naysayers to stuff it.I already loved you before we met,more so when we did.

I’ve lost many,but others have mattered enough to leave a hole behind.I will miss you so much,guka.

May heaven receive you with joy.


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