Hallo,my imaginary friend.
There is a girl.She is beautiful,inside and out.She is loud.She is an introvert and quite shy.She is a bit claustrophobic and hates crowds.She values freedom and envies the birds.She loves heights because of the feeling of freedom and power they give her.
This girl is a giver.She gives her all for something she believes in.Her heart is full of love and compassion for those who deserve it.She gives everyone a chance,regardless of where they come from.She knows what it’s like to be disregarded and tries not to make the same mistake.

She is a hopeless romantic.Romance to her is an abstract concept,one that sounds good on paper and in rhyme.Happens to other people,never to her.

She is a girl who reads.She was never one for dolls and pretty girly things.Books were her first passion and she couldn’t be happier.Her idea of heaven is a library.

She is…

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