Just a girl.

The view from up here is very nice.Not the best,I’ve been higher.I can see over the tops of some trees and there are several buildings in the distance.

I never thought of myself as a poetry fan,yet here I am.I am waiting for a poetry/music session to begin.This is the second time I’ve been here.The first time,I was in shock.I never knew something so good existed.I was bursting with joie de vivre and I was telling anyone who would listen how much fun I had.It really was THAT good.

So here I find myself again.I know no one here.True to form,am seated at a corner,all pseudo-unapproachable and shit.There is slow lovey dovey music playing(YAWN!),I got the seat I wanted(it is shaped like a hand.COOL),and people are trickling in.I do hope I make some friends today…I should start a conversation or something….Yeah.Like that will happen….

(ION,my cleavage is showing today and am kinda uncomfortable with the stares.Okay,A LOT uncomfortable.
P.P.S. I can get away with a lot today.Power of the boobies).

Better songs.Atleast.

Am here now.Let the show begin.


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